300 Not-Out for Howard & Mileti

Luke Howard and Jason Mileti have become just the third and fourth players respectively to reach 300 games at Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football Club.

On Saturday 29 June Luke Howard reached 300 games under lights against Wembley at Ernest Johnson Reserve

Luke began his playing career in 2002 representing TA’s across various grades from A Grade to D1 Reserves. He won the association A Reserves best and fairest in 2007 and 2009 as well as the Club A reserves best and fairest in 2011.

He has played in four premierships with the club in 2008, 2009 (A Reserves), 2015 & 2016 (D1 League) winning the best on ground medal in his most recent win.

Jason Mileti will become the fourth Trinity Aquinas player to reach the milestone when he represents the club for the 300th time this Saturday 20th July at Bill Grayden Reserve.

Jason has also played across various grades from A Grade through to D1 Reserves winning five flags. A Reserves in 2008, 2009 & 2012 as well as two D1 grade premierships with the club in 2015 & 2016. He was named best on ground in the 2015 grand final and won the 2016 D1 grade association best and fairest.

We caught up with the two boys from Mazenod and asked them questions from their time at the club

What brought you down to TA’s?

LH: After finishing high school at Mazenod College I was considering playing for Kalamunda when I got a call from Matthew Quinn who was the colts coach at the time. He did a reasonable sell job highlighting how good the club social scene and playing A Grade colts was. My old mate Adam Northover was also there and a few of hills boys headed down for a look and the rest is history.

JM: Basically I was playing at Swans and my runner was none other than Adam Northover (life member) who stated that T.A’s was a great club similar to Mazenod with great blokes and is A Grade, F* playing C grade in the hills.

What is your favourite on field moment? (non-premiership)

LH: Being front and center when Googa (Damien Katich) finished his illustrious TA’s career by taking on the whole North Fremantle spine and copping a 16 week suspension and a law suit in the process. He was innocent.

JM: I guess this can be answered in a multitude of ways, from challenging the League coach as an aspiring Mid coming out of colts saying if I don’t get best on ground play me in the 2’s all year, I didn’t play 2’s all year. To playing with some of my lifelong mates that I have met through the club and /or seeing the youth that I have helped mentor come into their own. Hopefully these younger blokes take this great club to not only the heights we have enjoyed previously but to excel further.

Favourite off Field moment?

LH: Being at the footy club for 17 years there are too many magical moments and it’s hard to pick a favorite. From drinking Pakistanis on the TAs veranda as a colt, the inaugural Doof Doof, the 3-4 days following  each premiership win and the Bali Footy Trip of 2009 would have to rate pretty highly.

JM: Popping a collar heading out with the lads and celebrating the good times. Being apart of the club rising


Favorite Premiership

LH: Having been fortunate to play in 4 they are all pretty special. I would have to say the first one in 2008 would probably be the best as we played in 2 losing GFs before finally breaking through.

JM: Every one has been special but none more than the first, I think we hit the celebrations so hard I was feeling it months later.

Best player you have played with?

LH: This is a seriously tough question as I’ve played in some vey successful teams throughout different eras and with quality ball players of all shapes and sizes. In terms of reliability it would be Dev Elliot – not sure he has ever lost a 1 on 1. In terms of consistency it would be Sweatty Mileti and in terms of the most lethal and influential it would have to be Paul Richardson.

JM: Tendai Mzungu and Aaron Zucchoni, could do absolutely everything on a football field and off it….

Favourite teammate?

LH: Fraser Gilmour – The Filth Merchant

JM: Luke Howard, Brett Taylor, Simon Franich and Devlin Elliot (been together from the start). Every ruck man that taps it my way and always love a handball receive

Favourite Coach?

LH: Froffies McGowan

JM: Well I have been lucky enough to have a great history/relationship with a lot of the coaches I have had. But 2 are that little ahead with Gary Poole and my dad. Gary Poole because he got me out of being a selfish stats chaser to a more team orientated person. My dad well who’s a better coach than he, coming to each and every game supporting me through the injuries, giving me confidence and most of all giving me the inspiration to not only perform on the track but to be the best individual possible on and off the track.

How has the club changed from when you first started to now?

LH: The club has evolved significantly from when I started, it is a much bigger beast with more members and lots of success. It has become more family friendly which has
allowed blokes to still keep their links to the club as they wind down their playing involvement. This is very important. What hasn’t changed is the quality of men the throw on the jumper week in week out.

JM: My first full year in Colts a lot of players had to back up and play 2 games either reserves or thirds. Obviously with this came some almighty beltings, but we have gradually grown into one of the power clubs up the top for a majority of my time here. Our First League premiership came from pretty much within (colts making their way through to league) which was an amazing achievement.


Any advice for younger players?

LH: The club will be a constant in your life as you evolve and grow as a person. It can be anything to anyone and is much bigger than simply playing football. Stay as long as you can and give everything of yourself to serve the club, you’ll get it paid back in spades.

JM: Enjoy the elasticity of the body, mind and soul whilst you can. Don’t get disheartened by failure, use it as a driver for success by working harder than the guy ahead of you.

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