3 in a row for A Grade as Club goes 5/6

In perfect conditions for football, TAs has come away with a start to finish victory over Fremantle CBC, in the end recording a 44 point victory at Billy Grayden.

Heading into the game looking to string 3 wins together for the first time this season, the youthful TAs side got on top from the very start with the young midfield of Steve Pover, Josh Rouphael, Josh Hoewen, Daniel Lenzo, Hayden Da Rui and colt debutant Travis Austen giving the side plenty of run through the middle  of the ground. But for some wayward kicking at goal, the 3 goal margin at quarter time could have been greater.

The side picked up where it left off in the first quarter, will some slick ball movement resulting in numerous clean entries inside forward 50, where forwards Kane Ransted, Tim Watkins & Jamie Birrell were able to take full advantage, kicking 6 goals for the term. With the TAs midfield stifling the oppositions ball movement through the middle of the ground, the defenders were able to repel the CBC attacks, in particular Nick & Matt Rodan who were given important  roles on some key CBC forwards. A 9 goal to none first half, against a team with that much firepower, was a significant start for the group.

Knowing  the opposition would come out firing, the side was able to  weather the storm in the third quarter and despite CBC showing periods of dominance, the side was able to respond when challenged. A 3 goal apiece term showed that the Group had learnt some lessons from the week prior, turning for home with a 9 goal buffer.

CBC threw caution to the wind in the last quarter and were able to get some run and carry going, resulting in repeat forward 50s entries. Some wayward kicking and resolute defence from TAs however meant they were only able to kick 2 goals for the quarter, and when the final siren sounded, TAs  had come away with a much needed 44 point victory.

The side had winners all over the ground, with Xavier Foley dominant across half back. Youngsters Pover & Hayden Fancote continued their fine run of form, showing leadership beyond their years, whilst ruckman Damon Guinness was a physical presence all day. After a solid season at colts level al year, Trav Austen became the sides 10th debutant for the year and showed that he certainly has the potential to become a very fine senior footballer.

Next week the side travels out to Gil Fraser to face old foes North Fremantle in a game crucial for both sides. With both sides in some winning form it is sure to be a high quality game.

Trinity Aquinas    13.10   88

Fremantle CBC      5.14    44

3: Ransted
2: Da Rui, Birrell
1: Walley, Lenzo, Austen, Pearse, Clay, Watkins

Reserves scalp a top 3 side

Brothers playing together for the first time, a mythical swamp bunyip returning after a 2-year hiatus and a chance to beat a top 3 side for the first time this year, you could say there was just a little bit of excitement emanating from two’s change rooms on this glorious Saturday.

Following a commanding performance set by the colties the, “Feel the Love” gang set out to do some damage and really put the pressure on North Fremantle and Scarborough to keep winning to gain the last two spots in the finals race. Boy oh Boy did we start hot, jumping out to a quick lead in the first kicking 4 goals to 2 with the pressure and intense tackling a real highlight in creating turnovers and pressure on the opposition. When we are at our best we are clean, in tight and out in the open, with our ball movement being too slick we caught their defenders out a couple times and were able to hit our forwards out the back running into space. Again, our key forwards showed that if given the chance in front of goal with pinpoint I50 kicks they are starting to become very reliable in front of goals.

The second quarter was an intense arm wrestle, with both teams having a red-hot crack and some intense footy was on display and again both teams kicking the same amount of goals as they did in the first. An 8-goal half for TA’s against a 4-goal half for CBC, the foundation was laid for a big win against quality opposition. The ability and willingness of the group to take the game on and work for each other was the catalyst for such a driving performance. Spreading from the contest and hitting the dangerous inside 45 kick with high efficiency was the driving force behind the first half, along with some quality individual performances from Luke Salomone and the back 6 as a whole. This was also highlighted by some wonderful team goals, where link up play was at a premium and from this the boys went into the half brimming with confidence they could finish the job.

The second half became more of a stalemate with both teams respectively kicking 4 and 2 goals apiece, with most of the damage already being done. A big objective for us this year is wrestling momentum and controlling what happens when both teams have it during a game. When we have it, it’s about making the most of the opportunities we create and putting as much scoreboard pressure on as we can and when the opposition has momentum, it is about limiting the damage they can do and at a maximum trying to only allow 2 goals in a row. Something that we did very well on the weekend was this exactly, when they scored, we hit back immediately limiting the run on they could extract from the game. In the end, we toughed out the second half and most importantly beat a top 3 team and in an added bonus a result went our way which means we are a game clear in the top 5 with 4 games to play. Luke Salomone’s performance must be mentioned again, as he showed his class kicking 3 goals and dominating most of the game, with Simon Franich and Campbell Hunter again proving our forward line is at its dangerous best both kicking a turkey (watch MacGruber) themselves.

Ben and Brad Russel, the two brothers who are brothers but no one believes it, played together for the first time and the connection was dynamite. Little big brother Brad had the blinkers on and was only looking for big little brother Ben who showed when he is right the kid can play and will be a welcome inclusion come finals time. Another kid who came back from sickness is “The Chef” Jarrad Black, who I thought had a terrific game down back, winning his one on ones and gaining in more and more confidence every week.

If I could indulge myself for a little, it was terrific to be back out their running around with a great bunch of blokes. I set myself a goal this year to aim and play with the team, and the support and love I got from everyone was truly overwhelming. It makes you realise why you come back and play, the comradery is something I don’t think you can get anywhere else. Two surgeries, one in which I don’t think people realised how much I struggled with and still no ACL, 2 years out of the game you sometimes forget how hard footy is, but being out there with everyone I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. So, thanks must go out to the club and the people who make it special and gave me an opportunity to be in this position. I and the team will continue to build, and stick with us as I think we have some serious footy left and we are ready to do some damage.

Final Score TA’s 12.6-72     CBC 6.6-42

Goals: Luke Salomone 3, Simon Franich 3, Campbell Hunter 3, Ben Russel 1, Jordan Alvaro 1, Fraser Hudson 1

Best: Luke Salomone, Ben Russel, Frank James, Fraser Hudson, Max Vining


Another Box Ticked as Finals Creep Closer. 

The Thirds travelled up to Mater Dei College, Edgewater to take on Wanneroo. With dimensions of the oval completely opposite to what Billy Grayden offers us it was always going to be a challenge to adapt our playing style throughout the game.

The first quarter started with slingshot footy from both teams but inaccuracy kept Wanneroo from making any significant impact in the first 10 minutes. TA’s finally got their running game together and with Mick McLeod dominating any opponent come his way he proved to be the difference shaping our forward line and giving goal assists to both Stephen Capelli and Noah Dennis. But same with Wanneroo inaccurate goal kicking (2.5) for the quarter kept us from really hurting Wanneroo on the scoreboard.

Second quarter comes around and so does a 100m penalty for Wanneroo which helped them register their first major for the day. The boys stuck to their guns for the quarter in what was an arm wrestle for the most of it. But the likes of Tim Whyte and Jarrod Ng providing much needed run on the outsides and clean foot skills helped us bang through 3 majors of our own taking a 4 goal lead into the half.

At half time Coach Vin implored his boys to play team first footy and to put the game away here and now in the next 20 minutes and as most good sides do that’s what happened. With Ta’s playing a full defensive press all quarter suffocating Wanneroo, TA’s kicked 4 goals from turnovers for the quarter with a fantastic running goal from ruckman Jimmy Wharton to cap off the quarter. But as it has been for the season inaccuracy in front of goals was a real issue with TA’s registering 4.5 for the quarter to Wanneroo not registering a score.

The message at ¾ time was not to let the margin slip and what proved to be a real arm wrestle followed by 2 more goals for Wanneroo from 50m penalties, it seemed we had lost our way. Insert the experience, Captain Nicholas Steele, Jason Ogg and recent 300 gamer Jason Mileti fought back all the momentum our way and helped us push the ball forward with Mick McLeod kicking all 3 last quarter goals which capped off an impressive game for himself.

With the 4 points and some handy percentage, our sights go to Fremantle CBC who are currently top of the table with some impressive victories themselves in recent weeks. TA’s will be seeking revenge from a 30 point loss earlier in the season as we continue to strengthen our claims towards finals.

TA’s; 12.12.85

Wanneroo; 5.6.36

4; McLeod

2; Wharton, Capelli

1; McRostie, Stillman, Dennis, Pirie

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