A Grade Heads up to Wanneroo for mixed Results

Tough to write……

On a perfect day for football, TAs has gone down by 4 points to a spirited Wanneroo outfit at Wanneroo Showgrounds.

The first quarter started promisingly, with the side able to generate sufficient ball forward of centre, however some sloppy execution and questionable decision making meant the side was not able to take full advantage. As the quarter progressed, Wanneroo was able to get some clean forward entries, and at quarter time TAs went in with a slight 7 point advantage.

The second quarter was played largely in the Wanneroo front half, who were punishing any TAs turnovers. A 3 goal to 2 term saw the Roos take a  1 point lead in at half time.

Looking to come out in the second half and turn things around, disappointingly the side was not able to get going at any point, with poor skill execution again costing the side dearly. A  goal late in the 4th to Wanneroo got their noses in front, and they were able to hold on for a very well deserved 4 point victory.

Cal Walley was clearly the sides best performer, with 3 goals providing plenty of spark for the group, whilst Josh Rouphael & Luke Salomone were also solid 4 quarter performers.

Next week, TAs faces old foes University in the last home game of the season, where the side will look to bounce back and finish off the season strongly.

TAs        9.8        62

Wa        10.6      66

3:          Walley
2:          McAullay
1:          Murphy, Bruce, Salomone, Austen


Big Win at the Showgrounds

Heading up Wanneroo Road, I was going over my pre-game notes thinking how best to convey how important a fast start was. Working hard for the past 6-7 weeks to cement a finals spot, we as a team did not want to drop a game and leave the door ajar for Scarborough to take that spot. Boy oh boy, were we “jacked up”, getting off to a fast start and dominating until the final siren.  The team set some KPI’s before the game to try and achieve and in striving for these put together a strong team performance resulting in a 109-point victory.


Wanting to continue our NON-losing streak to 6 weeks (4 wins and a draw) we put the foot down early and kicked away in the first, utilising the short hit up and rebounding our defensive 50 with intent and quick ball movement. Playing at Billy for half the season you become accustomed to the smaller ground and how to play it well, but playing on the vast open spaces at the showgrounds we adapted extremely quickly and relished the more open space we could find ourselves in.  Skill level and clean ball movement has been a key feature for us to improve and show in games at more regular intervals and with an intensity and desire to work hard for each other, how skills lifted with this mindset. Whilst like all teams we were prone to mistakes at times, more often than not our spread and work rate allowed us to hit men in open spaces and move the ball fluidly into our forward 50 creating scoring shots for forwards to take advantage of. We closed the half 7 goals to 2, with Wanneroo fighting back in the second and themselves using some good ball use to fight back and be close enough at the half to pull off a fighting comeback.

The premiership quarter, moving day, who gives a s*$%. Whatever the third quarter means to you, ask any amateur footballer about the struggles of getting up after half time and he will give you a wry smile and continue to tell you how old his body feels. Luckily for us we only have one senior citizen in our side (Bomber, somewhere between 36-40) so the younger boys were able to maintain energy and make sure we capitalised on our early lead. In a powerful display, we kicked 6 goals to put the game beyond doubt and further increase our chances of September football.

Unselfishness and wanting to get something out of today for the future was the most pleasing aspect for us as a team and really committing to structures for the 80 minutes. Another 6-goal quarter gave us our second 100-point victory for the season, and with that some strong individual performances. Simon Franich kicked a game high 7 goals, whilst Billy ‘Bilbo Bobbins’ Clay played his first two’s game in a while and was instrumental in the midfield and pinch hitting in the ruck. Coming into form at the right time is Brad ‘The Butcher’ Russell, who after an interrupted season with injuries was back to his jumpin’ jack flash best, whilst fellow half forward dynamo Callum ‘Barometer’ Radecki set the standard with repeat efforts all day making Wanneroo’s life very hard. Two young kids who have also been impressing and both kicked 2 on the weekend are Jackson Flematti and Eoghan Mcelwee who with increased confidence are finding form at the right time of year and working on our wings extremely well. Backmen, you love them and you hate them, they are a weird bunch and stick together always voting for each other in the player’s player vote. But we as a team will accept that if they continue to hold up how they do each game, controlling our zone and working well to beat their player but help each other out as well.

We look to next week with great excitement coming up against a formidable opponent in University who are sitting third after a good win against North Fremantle. They kicked away in the last quarter in the first encounter and we will be looking to make amends with 2 weeks left in the season, it will be great mentally to know we can go with one of the best in the competition.

Trinity Aquinas 19.15-129

Wanneroo 3.2-20


Goals: Simon Franich 7, Brad Russell 2, Eoghan McElwee 2, Jackson Flematti 2, Billy Clay 1, Callum Radecki 1, Dylan Murray 1, Hayden Da Rui 1, Jordan Alvaro 1, Kieran Pirie 1

Best: Brad Russell, Max Vining, Billy Clay, Simon Franich, The back 7, Callum Radecki


Not the required result, but a big improvement nonetheless.

The lads we’re very excited to take on Uni again as we wanted to see how far we had come and improved since the last time we played them. We have played some of our better football against the top four sides this year and I wanted the boys to take the game on from the very first contest.

The first quarter was pretty well even-balanced with both sides unable to break the deadlock. Uni managed to get on top later in the quarter going into the first break only 2 goals in front. The second quarter was much the same as the first, we had several opportunities inside forward 50 early and missed two gettable set shots. University, being the quality outfit they are, took advantage of our wastefulness inside forward 50 and kicked 3 goals in the final 5 minutes of the second term. Being down at 5 goals at half time, the lads we’re still very optimistic. We had broken even for a majority of the day, it was really our lack of concentration in red time that led to most of Uni’s scores throughout the match.

The third term was much the same as the first half, no scores we’re registered until later in the quarter with Uni kicking 2 goals to nothing. A special mention must go to back pocket Alec Armstrong who was absolutely superb in defence during this term. Not only did he take two very good contested marks on the goal line to save sure goals, he was also up the ground setting up play. A true testament to the improvement he has shown throughout this year. Being down by 7 goals at 3 quarter time, we were still reasonably happy about our performance, however, we wanted to get some scoreboard pressure to reflect our effort. Unfortunately, the last quarter we went a bit complacent and Uni ended up kicking 4 goals to nothing, including 3 goals to their full forward whom Ben Boros had done a fantastic job on all day. A credit to Ben as this player kicked 13 goals in the previous encounter with University, and Ben, in a stellar effort kept him to 5 goals, with only 2 up until 3 quarter time.

At the end of the day, the result was not what we wanted but we are seeing some marked improvement and more consistency in our game play. Keeping in mind Uni beat us by 140 points 9 weeks prior kicking 22 goals, holding them to 11 goals for the day, including only 7 goals in the first three terms was a great effort. We take a lot of confidence into our last game of the year against Curtin Uni, a side that on our current form, we should be confident in winning.

BEST: A. Armstrong, B. Boros, D. Pisano, M. Clark, M. Fynn

TA’s 0.2 2

Uni 11.14 80

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