Are your Smarter than a Ta’s Player- Final

The final round of are you Smarter than a Ta’s Player?

Does Cal Walley hold onto his lead?

Does the league coach Sully finish strong?

Does Foles get any correct?

Watch below to find out.


Answers from last week below as well as this week

Question 4 – Bucharest is the capital of which country? – Romania

Question 5 – Adolf Hitler was born in which country? Austria

Question 6 – How many Coleman Medals has Buddy Franklin won? 4

Question 7 – What part of the Body produces Insulin – Pancreas

Question 8 – What colour is a polar bears skin? – Black

Question 9 – Who Captained the English cricket team before Joe Root? – Alistair Cook

Question 10 – Name one of Taylor Swift’s ex boyfriends?

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 7.06.13 pm.png

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