Boomers Member Cards

With the club implementing the Square Point of Sale (POS) system in 2023, we are excited to share the introduction of a membership card for use within the club.

Credit can be loaded onto each card for use within all of Trinity Aquinas club life. Merchandise, ball fees, behind the bar, the canteen, events, online store. You name it – if it goes through our Square system in person or online – you can use it.

It also allows for things like:

Player sponsorships – Want to support a friend, relative or just a really big fan of someone? You can load money onto a players card to help cover the cost of ball fees and merchandise.

Social memberships – Big fan of the club? Then purchase a social membership to receive a membership card with credit preloaded to it for use at the club.

Player awards – Money can be loaded onto cards for use within the club to the best players each week.

Gift cards – they work exactly like a gift card from anywhere, with the ability to be purchased from the club for someone, or if they already have a card money can be loaded onto anyone’s card of your choosing.

They don’t expire, and can be used and reloaded forever, so if you get one remember to look after it! A record will be kept of each card number and who it belongs to.

These will change club life and the member experience from a player, supporter and sponsor point of view.

Get yours now at

Boomers Member Cards

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